Women Self-Defense Classes: What You Need to Know

Women Self-Defense Classes

Women self-defense classes in East Mesa can come from a variety of different sources, but self-defense is one of the most common reasons our students join martial arts! There’s so much more to our self-defense program than meets the eye, including lessons in danger awareness, confidence boosters, and hidden mental benefits that may surprise you. Read on to learn some basic self-defense tips and to learn more about our self-defense program in East Mesa!


Self-Defense Classes: The Basics

best martial arts schoolWomen self-defense itself is a phrase with many different connotations. Some people hear self-defense and think of guns or violence. Others associate it with legal justifications like, “I did it out of self-defense!” At East Mesa Karate, our definition of self-defense is powerful. It’s about using your words and your actions to protect yourself and others from harm.

This is what makes adult Krav Maga classes so awesome. It’s not just about the punches and kicks that can protect you, it’s about the psychological development necessary to stop conflict before it starts and using your intuition to avoid tricky confrontations in the first place. It’s about becoming brave enough and confident enough to look someone in the eye and loudly say, “Get your hand off of me” or “I don’t know you, stop harassing me.” And ultimately, it’s about protecting yourself and your loved ones with as minimal damage as possible.


Self-Defense for Women

Women Self-Defense classesWhile martial arts is for everybody looking to get fit and learn self-defense, the development of confidence and mental strength is especially helpful for women, who are more likely to find themselves in self-defense situations than their male counterparts. According to one 2013 study from the University of Oregon, when women took women self-defense classes they were 2x less likely to receive unwanted sexual contact and 3x less likely to be raped than those who did not take a self-defense course. Let’s be crystal clear. If you’ve experienced sexual assault, it’s not your fault. This study shows that there are actions we can take to teach ourselves, our daughters, nieces, neighbors, and the women we care about how to use their voices to be heard and de-escalate conflict before it even begins. Girl power!


How We Teach Women Self-Defense Classes

Women Self-Defense classesIf you’re interested in women self-defense classes, you should know how they’re being taught. Unlike other self-defense training, the physical act of self-defense is just one piece of our martial arts classes in East Mesa. Every class is centered on different activities and moves that our students work on throughout the week. They practice consistently to make the moves muscle memory so that they know exactly what to do in an emergency, pretty much without thinking.

Some of the self-defense techniques that we teach in our martial arts school are kick techniques, punch techniques, and striking techniques. These can be at a distance or up close to the attacker to prevent assault from any distance. So we get you into fantastic shape by toning your entire body, and then we work on your mental strength.

We also teach the “soft skills” that are 100% necessary for success in any area of your life, including perseverance, discipline, and confidence through lots of positive reinforcement, encouragement, celebration, and pushing our students just beyond their comfort zones every single week to build resilience. Again, these benefits extend into work, relationships, and hobbies everything improves with martial arts classes, not just your knowledge of self-defense!


Join Our Women Self-Defense Classes!

martial arts for womenWhile these tips are great and all, you can probably find a ton more online. However, what’s not online is an in-person instructor to help you learn the psychological aspects of self-defense classes near me that complement the physical. In an emergency, your adrenaline will kick in and if you’ve never been trained on how to use self-defense, you may panic and not know what to do. Self-defense classes are the number one way for you to learn how to protect yourself and the people you love.

Self-defense classes for women near me at East Mesa can help you create an incredible physique, but they can also help you build mental strength, stamina, and confidence you never knew you had. Come see for yourself how East Mesa Karate adult Krav Maga classes can change your life as it’s changed so many other students’ lives. Our risk-free trial is the way to go! You’ll love it!